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Webinar · 15 Mins

How to work with a tech partner to bring your product idea to life

Bring Your Software Product Idea to Life with Our End-to-End Tech Partnership

Launch a software product and capitalize on your ideas, industry expertise and network.

Our tech partnership eases this technically challenging journey, handling R&D, software design, development, management and other complexities. Focus on product vision and strategy while we ensure seamless transition from concepts to market-leading products and features.

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Everything you need to know about launching a software product

Join our 15-minute webinar to understand the software development journey from concept to startup to stardom. At Parshva, we expertly manage this complexity on your behalf, yet we believe in empowering you with the knowledge of what it takes to bring a software product to life.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

How does product ideation work

How to plan features for the first version of your product

Different stages of product development and their deliverables

Team composition of a software dev team and roles

What is the composition

A case study

And more!

How to work with a tech partner to bring your product idea to life

15 Min · Webinar

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